Trevor Ellis Consulting Limited

Below are listed some of the projects worked on:

Highways England – Future Free-Flow Charging Project:
An on-going project to procure the next generation charging service for the Dartford crossing, but also to provide a flexible facility for other related projects. As a part of an Arup-lead team, chaired requirements capture workshops, developed a number of reports to inform strategy. Advised on interoperability. Assisted in procurement packaging strategy and business model. Assisted in the development of technical requirements.

Highways England – Dart Charge
Project to upgrade the existing barrier charging to a multi-lane free-flow charging system on one of Europe’s busiest river crossings. Part of a PA-led team, tasks have included researching and writing a number of reports on the major design issues in order to inform key design and policy decisions on charging and enforcement mechanisms. Writing the service requirements for the procurement process, assisting in the cost model and performance regime and looking at the operational, transition and stakeholder issues. Lead on roadside technology coordinating provision of gantries, communications, power, and technology, ensuring technical performance and conformance to KPIs. Lead on the processing of vehicle records through the back office to charging or enforcement. Lead on evidential issues including civil type approval.

Assisted in the procurement evaluation processes. Part of the implementation team, managing the appointed service provider through to go- live.

Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU)
The JAQU is a UK government unit set up by the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Department for the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), with the aim of delivering the national plans to improve air quality.

One of the ways of improving air quality is by operating Clean Air Zones (CAZ) in a number of cities and towns, and some of these will charge the most polluting vehicles if they wish to enter the CAZ. Enforcement will be by way of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, and the task was to produce a set of guidelines for the use of ANPR systems for the use of local authorities considering a charging CAZ.

Also advised JAQU on aspects of charging CAZ systems and operation

Leeds City Council
Project to improve air quality in the city by charging the most polluting vehicles to access the wider city area. Assisted the authority in development of requirements for the ANPR and associated in-station system. Assisted in the tender and evaluation stages of the procurement and assisting in managing the contractor during implementation.

Sheffield City Council
Project to improve the air quality in the city by charging the most polluting vehicles to access the city centre. Assisted the authority in development of requirements for the ANPR and associated in-station system. Assisted in the tender and evaluation stages of the procurement.

Netherlands – Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat – Vrachtwagenheffing
National distance-based truck tolling project to charge all trucks using Dutch roads on the basis of distance, weight and emissions class, using GNSS based on-board units. Part of an Arup-lead technical team in a consortium advising the transport ministry. Tasks include developing the design, test and procurement specifications, developing the accreditation process for EETS Providers and assisting in project planning.

Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet) – Frederikssund Bridge Toll system
Project for a new free-flow tolling system for this new bridge. Assisted as a part of an Arup-lead team in development of requirements, and lead on roadside systems. Developed performance and payments specifications. Assisted in procurement process, including tender evaluation.

Traffic Infrastructure Ireland – Dublin M50 Free-Flow Charging
Project to re-procure the tolling system for Ireland’s busiest motorway. Part of an Arup-lead team, tasks have included writing the service and system requirements, developing the performance regime and assisting in developing other contractual documentation. Assisted in tendering process including bid evaluation. Assisting in managing system implementation.

Sund and Bælt – Denmark
Project to assist in design and implementation of the addition of a new type of video account at the Storbælt toll crossing. This involved analysing the present processes, evaluating the present ANPR system, and recommending changes. Writing outline requirements.

Proposed Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) – Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi
Assessing needs, stakeholder consultation, defining ITS “toolkit”, assessing likely benefits, writing specifications. Toolkit Includes traffic monitoring, incident detection, ramp metering, VMS, CCTV, variable speed limits and environmental monitoring. Devised additional schemes for Dammam and Makkah / Medinah region.

Transport for London (TfL) – Project Assurance
Assisted in several project assurance reviews as an external technical expert. This has included reviews of the Congestion Charging back office technology, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), and the wider LEZ.

Transport for London (TfL) – London Congestion Charging Scheme – Western Extension Zone (WEZ) and Central Zone
Managed the implementation of the enforcement infrastructure for the Western Extension to the London Congestion Charging Scheme, and subsequent extension to the central zone. The charging and enforcement of the scheme is through the use of camera and ANPR systems, involving the installation of 686 camera and ANPR systems at 306 locations. The role involved defining the requirements, evaluating the tenders, running the technical design evaluation, and project managing the contracts through to live operations. Also for TfL managed the roll out of an ANPR-based journey time monitoring system at an additional 27 sites.

TfL – London Low Emission Zone (LEZ)
Managed the roll-out of 100 ANPR-based monitoring sites used in evaluation of the proposed scheme. Project managed the design and implementation of the enforcement infrastructure at a further 75 sites, the in-station system for processing and filtering of the evidential records, and integration of the system to the existing congestion charging back office system.

National Traffic Information System (NTIS)
Journey time system – ANPR monitoring of over 1000 lanes at 480 sites in England, feeding the National Traffic Operations Centre (NTOC)

Other traffic projects –

  • Overseas ANPR projects also in USA, Spain, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia, and Australia.
  • Complete ‘Shadow tolling’ systems for five DBFO road schemes
  • Real-time data system on M2 toll road in NSW – Australia
  • Weigh-in-motion systems for Denmark, Switzerland and Brazil